State of Michigan Air Freshener - Autumn

State of Michigan [Upper and Lower Peninsula] Air Freshener - great for cars, lockers, gym bags, closets, drawers, purses, etc. Coyer Candle aroma bead air fresheners are the perfect way to keep your small space smelling amazing!! Air freshener colors match the scent colors listed below! Shape will remain forever; fun ways to repurpose as: ornaments, window décor or backpack zipper pulls!


  • Apples ‘n Cinnamon [red/burgundy]: Warm, delicious, deights-of-home, apples and spice. 
  • Autumn Days [red/yellow]: The scent of warm sunny days and chilly, clear nights. 
  • Beach Bonfire [blue/green]: Enjoy the scent of smoky logs surrounded by dark pines on a crsip fall night. 
  • Cozy Blanket [dye-free]: Sipping white tea under a warm, soft, fluffy blanket on a chilly Autumn day. 
  • Cranberry Spice [burgundy]: Crisp fruity cranberries mixed with cinnamon + nutmeg. 
  • Crisp Autumn Air [red/burgundy]: Visiting the local orchard, apples and sweet notes fill the air. 
  • Fresh Donuts + Hot Cider [orange]: Picking out your favorites at the local pumpkin patch... 
  • Gooey Caramel Apple [red]: Crisp, juicy apples smothered in warm gooey caramel. 
  • Great Lakes Fireside Brew [ivory]: Cozied up on the beach sipping Chai Latte... 
  • Harvest [brown]: Wonderfully warm mixes of cinnamon, cloves + tea. 
  • Indian Summer [blue/green]: Rain, spice and everything [mango + papaya] nice! 
  • Macintosh Apple [red]: Mouth-watering, red and crisp crunchy bite! 
  • Maple Syrup Barrels [ivory]: Warm drizzle of syrup smothering an entire plate of pancakes. 
  • Mitten Made Cider [orange]: Delicious and warm apple cider on a chilly fall day. 
  • Pecans ‘n Maple Syrup Waffles [ivory]: The scent name says it all - sweet and delicious! 
  • Pumpkin Dreams [orange]: Dreamy blends of caramel + pumpkins with a hint of maple. 
  • Pumpkin Pie [orange]: One of the joys of fall; the aroma of a warm pumpkin pie and spice filling the air. 
  • Rainy Days + Autumn Roads [orange/burgundy]: Sweet roadside stands on a rainy autumn day. 
  • Sugared Pumpkin Doughnuts [orange]: Pumpkin patch treat! 
  • Vanilla Bourbon [dye-free]: Edgy bourbon softened up with vanilla + sugar cane. 
  • Woodland Spice [red/yellow]: Cedarwood, cypress and musk.

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