September 02, 2018

Welcome to my first Olive Rose Boutique blog post! We have an announcement… something we’ve been working on, praying over, and dreaming about for quite some time… and I can’t keep it a secret any longer!

Olive Rose Boutique

After many years of working as a photographer and boutique owner from the walk-out basement of our home, I’m so proud to announce that we are making a BIG move! We are moving the boutique to a cozy and quaint downtown West Branch space, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this building with our clients and friends. In the past, our home boutique has only been open 3-5 hours per week, and we are happy to share regular business hours that our friends can count on. For all of the ladies that like to host parties, it’s going to be a perfect place for girls-night-in! This space will have 3 fitting rooms, comfortable seating for catching up with friends and family, and spacious area for exploring the boutique treasures! I'm still floored by how much space we have to work with!

Olive Rose Boutique

There are many reasons why we decided to move forward with this decision - the most important reason is that we want to serve YOU better! I know it’s been awkward at times when clients pop in and they have obstacles like shoes, toys, and boxes to navigate while trying to shop. Some may want to shop, but don’t know me well enough, and think it’s weird that the boutique is in my basement. I also know that a lot of you want to come over outside of my 3 scheduled boutique hours out of the week, and may feel bad asking if you can come a different time, even though I’ve assured you all that it’s REALLY OK :) hehe. We are really excited to provide a professional space to help you build a wardrobe that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the day. And, I also get my basement back! I’m so excited about the extra space for the kids to play.

I hope you all know that no matter where the boutique lives, my mission is to strive to provide body-positive, comfortable, on-trend clothing for my boutique friends of all shapes and sizes. I’ve been spending hours behind the scenes researching different companies and products based on your feedback - this boutique is yours just as much as it is mine! Thank you so much for your patience while I’ve been in this year of transition - from LuLaRoe to an independent boutique model that will serve us all better. Each and every week I’m adding new products to the boutique, and I plan to continue to grow! Thank you SO very much for your support, and I’m so happy to share in this journey with you!

xo, Kayla

PS - Let's celebrate with a discount code! 20% OFF SITEWIDE expires Monday 9/3/18 at 11:59pm ET! Use code ENDOFSUMMER

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